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Facility Protection
Bumper Post Bumper Post
Column Wrap Column Wrap
Clearance Bar Clearance Bar
Cart Corral Cart Corral
Bike Rack Bike Rack
Floor Mats
Floor Mats Tuff Skin Anti-Fatigue
Floor Mats Ortho 1 Anti-Fatigue
Floor Mats Unique Anti-fatigue
Floor Mats Vitality Anti-Fatigue
Floor Mats Diamond Plate Anti-fatigue
Floor Mats Rhino Hide Anti-fatigue
Floor Mats Brush Rib Carpet
Night Covers for refrigerated cases
Color Balanced Low UV Lamps
Amigo Electric Shopping Carts
Value Shopper Shopping Carts ValueShopper
Value Shopper Shopping Carts ValueShopper XL
SmartShopper Shopping Carts SmartShopper
CartManager XD+
Shopping Cart Retriever
Floor Cones
Retractable Belt Stanchions Retractable Belt Stanchions
Retractable Safety Barriers Retractable Safety Barriers
Cut Resistant Gloves Cut Resistant Gloves
Shopping Cart Seat Belts Shopping Cart Seat Belts
Safety Spill Kits Spill Kits, Sorbents, Drain Covers
Safety Box Cutters Safety Box Cutters
First Aid Kits First Aid Kits
Safety Back Support Back Support

Low UV Lamps

UV lamps

Showcase Lighting for
Seafood - Meat - Deli - Produce - Floral - Bakery

  • PROMOLUX LAMPS are color balanced for vibrant, distinct color
  • Merchandise looks colorful and appealing
  • Low UV reduces fading and shrinkage
  • PROMOLUX extends shelf life
  • PROMOLUX keeps food cooler and safer
  • Coated lamps eliminate the need for tube guards
  • Available in all sizes - T12, T8, T5, MR16, spot/flood

Sell more with PROMOLUX!
Customers shop with their eyes.

Save trim and waste with PROMOLUX!
Merchandise stays fresh longer.

Frontline Inc. maintains a complete inventory of PROMOLUX Lamps, shipping daily.

Call (800) 562-7702 for expert assistance and quantity pricing.

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