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Anti-fatigue Floor Mat

Tuff Skin Anti-fatigue Floor Matting for
Dry Areas

**For your unique needs **

Tuff Skin matting can be custom cut and configured for layouts of any size and shape. Adjoining sections can inter-lock for a safe, stable fit.

Tuff Skin Anti-fatigue Floor Matting for Dry AreasTUFF SKIN FEATURES
Tough surface layer withstands moving carts, chairs, high heeled shoes
Shock-absorbing foam under layer provides second-to-none anti-fatigue property
Easily cleaned with damp mop
Tuff Skin's light weight means lower shipping cost

Any required dimension
¾" thick with 2¾" beveled edge.
Submit your drawing for any unusual layout, and a quotation will be returned the same day

COLOR Glossy Black

2-year warranty with an expected life of 3 to 8 years

Tuff Skin mats manufactured by Pro-Tech Mats Industries Inc.

Call (800) 562-7702 for expert assistance and quantity pricing


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